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This is an archive of the Vetinari Dualegacy, a story written and shot by me using the Sims 2 PC game. As the Vetinaris are still a work in progress, so is this archive!

To make this slightly easier, it is organized by generation, and the stories linked to are the ones archived here at Dreamwidth.

Generation 1
Prologue: "Hi Isaac! Hi Orson!"
Chapter 1: "Enjoy your squalor"
Chapter 2: "Suckle at the rubbery teat of Eeevil!"
Chapter 3: "Feel my wrath!"
Chapter 3.5: "PseudoBruty in the kitchen with pancakes!"
Chapter 4: "And put a fucking shirt on!"

Generation 2
Chapter 5: "Who the hell are you? Death Spicoli?"
Chapter 5.5: " he savaged Goldilocks and turned her rib cage into a decorative pot rack."
Chapter 6: "You may be Eeevil, but you don't have to be a jerk!"
Chapter 7: "Mmmmm... Got Enemy Kevin?"
Chapter 7.5: "I hear there's quite the black market for young, healthy kidneys. I wonder if he'd miss one..."
Chapter 8: "Suck it, Cow Mascot!"

Generation 3
Chapter 9: "I am Eeevil! I am not adorable!"
Chapter 9.333: "Nobody gets a fairytale ending. Not really."
Chapter 9.667: "Call me 'brah' again and I'll kick your bony ass, you smelly hippie."
Chapter 10: "Don't think of it as murder. Think of it as 'temporarily de-life-ing...'"
Chapter 10.5: "You're right, Cory. It IS cold stargazing in your jim-jams."
Chapter 11: "Pizza is not supposed to be green and buzzy!"

Generation 4
Chapter 12: "Maybe there's something you're willing to die for after all."
Chapter 12.25: "But whatever you might think, you don't own me. And I don't owe you a thing."
Chapter 12.5: "Do you really believe anyone will ever look at you and see the hero?"
Chapter 12.75: "But when you've got nothing left, what else is there?" "Hope."
Chapter 13: "What do you need me to do?"
Chapter 13.5: "We all need to make sacrifices, right?"
Chapter 14: "I hope I don't disappoint."
Chapter 14.5: "I suspect that didn't un-complicate matters."

Generation 5
Chapter 15: "Have you lost your damn mind?"
Chapter 15.333: "If it wasn't with you, it wasn't really living."
Chapter 15.667: "You're the most human of any of us."
Chapter 16: "I can't tell if you're kidding."
Chapter 16.5: "Look at the scowl and tell me I'm a cuddly fuzzy puppy dog."
Chapter 17: "Let me know if you see anything you like."
The *Drool* Simon Vetinari Bachelor Challenge: Day 1
The *Drool* Simon Vetinari Bachelor Challenge: Day 2
The *Drool* Simon Vetinari Bachelor Challenge: Day 3
The *Drool* Simon Vetinari Bachelor Challenge: Day 4
The *Drool* Simon Vetinari Bachelor Challenge: Day 5
The *Drool* Simon Vetinari Bachelor Challenge: Day 6
Chapter 17.5: "Speak of this to no one."

Generation 6
Chapter 18: "Give me back my mother!"
Chapter 18.25: "I think it's time we had a talk."
Chapter 18.5: "I promise I won't let anything bad happen to you."
Chapter 18.75: "I can't do this!"
Chapter 19: "I've been so stupid."
Chapter 19.5: "I'm sorry."
Chapter 20: "My knuckles are lonely."
Chapter 20.5: "Liar!"

Generation 7
Chapter 21: "Pregnant. Barfy. Tired."
Chapter 21.333: "Pandora's Box is empty."
Chapter 21.667: "The turkey's neck-hole is mocking me."
Interlude 1: Solon
Chapter 22: "This is not over!"
Chapter 22.5: "You think there's hope for something great. So do I."
Chapter 23: "And now I just think you're a jerk."
Chapter 23.5: "But I have to liberate my arboreal brethren!"

Generation 8
Chapter 24: "It's kinda great having a family."
Chapter 24.25: "I'm sure you'll think of something."
Chapter 24.5: "This is where I belong."
Chapter 24.75: "...the best little sparky robot you can be."
Chapter 25: "He's just Hula-ing to the strum of his own ukelele."
Chapter 25.5: "Let's get one thing straight: I'm no fucking angel."
Chapter 26: "I can't tell whether you're completely nuts or ridiculously well-adjusted."
Interlude 2: Sophocles
Chapter 26.5: "A person who studies snakes is a herpetologist."

Generation 9
Chapter 27: "I don't wanna be the scorpion."
Epilogue: If We Shadows Have Offended


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